ESG Services

ESG Services


  • Defining ESG governance and associated accountability structures
  • Education to the Board of Directors, audit committee, C-Suite, business unit management, cross functional teams

Gap Assessment

  • Assessment of existing ESG disclosures compared to requirements of recognized ESG standards and reporting frameworks (e.g. SASB, GRI, TCFD)
  • ESG ratings optimization

Materiality Assessment and Stakeholder Engagement

  • Identification and prioritization of critical stakeholders following principles of leading ESG standards
  • Identification of universe of relevant ESG topics and risks to guide stakeholder engagement and ESG topic prioritization
  • Strategically engage with critical stakeholders through various avenues, interviews, surveys, secondary research
  • Integration of prioritized ESG risks into ERM
    • including: ESG and climate risk and opportunity assessment (i.e. assessment of climate related risks and opportunities from physical climate events and transition to low carbon and scenario planning)

Data and Process Management and Controls

  • Analysis of ESG Processes and disclosure control environments
  • Controls and implementation
  • Advice and recommendations with focus on:
    • Design of effective control environments to improve ESG data management
    • Information quality support
    • Monitoring and oversight of ESG goals and KPIs
    • Technology enablement (tools and technologies to manage ESG data)

Disclosure Readiness and Strategy

  • Definition of ESG objectives
  • Target and metric setting for priority ESG topics
  • Roadmap for enhanced data management and disclosure avenues
  • ESG disclosure framework evaluation, selection, and support in implementation
  • Support in measurement and application of methodologies for subject matter calculations
  • Support in development of ESG disclosure report(s) or integration of mainstream reporting in accordance with recognized climate and ESG standards and frameworks such as TCFD, GRI, SASB and Integrated Reporting
  • Regulatory and investor relations disclosure advisory
  • Strategic integration of ESG into financial reporting advisory

Draft and Finalize the ESG Report

  • Determine the depth, length, and framework(s) of the ESG Report
  • Write the ESG Report
  • Incorporate all comments in revisions
  • Finalize the ESG Report and consider communication strategies
  • Work with a design/marketing team to complete graphics and design the ESG Report

Execute an ESG Engagement & Communication Plan

  • Once the report is written, develop an engagement plan to share the story across other disclosure documents and social media vehicles, attract ESG investors, improve rating agency scores, win awards, and gain recognition externally